Application to the Principal of your college for arranging freshers’ reception

Write an application to the Principal of your college for arranging freshers’ reception


Suggested answer:

15 July, 2015
The Principal,
Tejgaon College,
Tejgaon, Dhaka.

Subject: Prayer for arranging freshers’ reception.

Dear Sir,

We, the students of your college, most humbly beg to state that traditionally, we pay a formal reception to the freshers every year. As usual, we are very interested to arrange a freshers’ reception party in our college auditorium this year. In the meantime, admission process to class XI is primarily completed. Students are now getting enrolled within the extended time period with late fee. The freshers’ classes are scheduled to begin from the next 20th July on Monday. We think it would be better to hold the function of freshers’ reception on 16th July (on Thursday). Contextually, we also like to include a cultural function with the program.

In this connection, we pray and hope that your honor would be kind enough to give us permission, co-operation and all out assistance to make our program a success.

Sincerely yours
Class: XII, Group: Business Studies,
Sec: A, Roll no: 02
On behalf of the students of Tejgaon College

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