Application to the Principal for supplying pure drinking water in the college canteen.

Write an application to the Principal of your college for supplying pure drinking water in the college canteen.


Suggested answer:

25 March, 2016
The Principal,
Govt. City College,

Subject: Prayer for supplying pure drinking water in the canteen.


We have the honor to draw your kind attention to the fact that there is no supply of pure drinking water in our college canteen. As a result we are greatly suffering. In want of pure drinking water students are compelled to drink water from the bathroom tap which is really unhygienic. Many a student has been affected with different water-borne diseases so far.

Now students as well as the guardians are worried about the unsafe source of drinking water. So, supplying pure water system in our canteen is our earnest demand.

We, therefore, pray that you would kindly take immediate step to provide with pure drinking water facility in the canteen and remove our anxiety.

Sincerely yours
Name: Sajan
First Year
Group: Humanities, Sec: B, Roll no: 02
On behalf of the students of Govt. City College

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