Application to the Principal for permission to open a relief camp in the college campus.

Write an application to the Principal for permission to open a relief camp in the college campus.



Suggested answer:

12 August, 2007
The Principal,
Madhabdi College,
Madhabdi, Narsingdi.
Subject: Prayer for opening a relief camp for the flood affected people.


We, the students of your college, wish to draw your attention to the recent devastating flood that has grasped almost the whole area of the district. Distressed men, women, old and children are leading a miserable life. They need food, cloth, shelter, medicine and even drinking water. The relief goods provided by the government is very insufficient. In this situation, we think that it is our sacred duty to stand by the victims with whatever we have. So we have intended to open a relief camp in our college so that we can help relieve their sufferings as far as possible by providing them with the relief we can manage to collect from different sources.


In this context, we would like to inform that we have already started relief collection from the wealthy, merchants of Madhabdi Bazar and the unaffected areas. And we want to start our relief campaign here as soon as possible if we get your permission, help and cooperation.


May we, therefore, pray that your honor would give us permission to open a relief camp in the campus and thus participate in this voluntary service.

Yours sincerely
On behalf of the students of Madhabdi College

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