Application to Principal to go on study tour

Write an application to the Principal of your college seeking permission to go on a study tour. (To Paharpur, Mahasthangarh)


Suggested answer:

10 November,2006
The Principal,
New Model Degree College,
Mirpur Road, Sukrabad,

Subject: Prayer for permission to go on a study tour/excursion.

I, On behalf of the students of your college, beg humbly to state that We are keenly interested to go on a study tour as part of our annual excursion. We have already made an outline of our plan for arrangement and selected Paharpur Buddhist Bihara and Mahasthangarh as our tour spot. Both the places bear the testimony of our ancient history and civilization. This tour will certainly give us pleasure as well as widen the horizon of our knowledge. Our History teacher Asaduzaman Khan has given his kind consent to guide our group.
It is a two-day tour and we are fifty in number. We have estimated that we will need Tk. 3500.00 each. We like to contribute Tk. 2000.00 each. We expect that you grant remaining Tk. 75000.00 in total to serve our purpose.

I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be gracious enough to give us permission and all out help and co-operation to make the tour successful.

Yours obediently
Class: xii, Group: Science, Roll: 13
On behalf of the students of New Model Degree College

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