Application to Principal to arrange special coaching class

Write an application to the Principal requesting him to arrange special coaching class


Suggested answer:

12 October, 2013
The Principal,
Tejgaon College,
Subject: Prayer for arranging special coaching class.

Dear Sir,

We,the students of class xii, bring to your kind notice the fact that our board Test Exam is approaching but we are anxious that our courses on English and Math have not fully been completed so far. Our English teacher is on a long vacation abroad. Math teacher is confined to bed with serious health problem for a long time.

Reasonably, it is probable that we won’t be able to make as a good result in the board exam as our students did in the last year. So, It is very essential to hold extra coaching classes on these subjects to cover up the loss.

In this situation, we would be highly grateful if you immediately take measures to arrange special coaching classes for the two major subjects.

Sincerely yours
Class: xii, Group: Science, Sec: A, Roll: 05
On behalf of the students of class xii of Tejgaon College

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