Application to Principal seeking full free studentship

Write an application to the Principal seeking full free studentship


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23 November, 2015
The Principal,
Sonargaon College,
Sonargaon, Narayangonj.

Subject: Prayer for full free studentship

With due respect, I have the honor to state that I am a regular student in class xii in your college. I belong to a poor family. My father is a simple NGO worker and his salary is very small. He is the only earning member of our family. With his small income, he has to maintain our large family consisting of six members with hardship. Besides, I have a brother and a sister studying in secondary school. Recently my grandmother who lives with our family has fallen ill and we have to bear the expense of her treatment.

In this state of our family, my father is quite unable to bear the expenses of my education. This is why, I am badly in need of full free studentship to continue my study. Otherwise, as my family decided, I have to stop my study.

I, therefore, would like to request you to consider my case with sympathy and grant me a full free studentship so that I can go on with my study as usual.

Obediently yours
Class: xi, Group: Humanities, Roll: 85

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