Application to Principal seeking computer club

Write an application to the Principal of your college seeking a computer club


Suggested answer:

19 February, 2008
The Principal,
New Model Degree College,
Mirpur Road,

Subject: Prayer for setting up a computer club.


We have the honor to draw your attention to the fact that, though we have many other facilities for extra-curricular activities, there is no computer club in our college. It is the age of computer and there is no sphere of life where computer is not used. In a word, we cannot do a single day without computer. Mankind is getting more and more dependent on computer day by day. So, Acquiring computer literacy by everybody is the demand of time. Government has also made the ICT subject compulsory from the secondary level of education. But it is a matter of great regret that we cannot practice computer practically in our college in want of a computer club. There are many students who have taken up Computer as their optional subject and want to build up their career in IT sector in future. They are also deprived of the facility of this modern technology.
May we, therefore, pray that you would take immediate step to set up a computer club in our college and thus pave the way to keeping pace with the modern world through computer education.

Obediently yours
Class: xi, Group: Humanities, Roll: 05
On behalf of the students of New Model Degree College

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