Application to Principal for increasing facilities in college library

Write an application to the Principal for increasing facilities in the college library


Suggested answer:

02 August, 2014
The Principal,
Shiddessari (Degree) College,
Shiddessari, Dhaka.

Subject: Prayer for increasing facilities in the library.

We have the honor to draw your attention to the fact that we have a big and old library in our college but the facilities provided are not adequate to meet up our increasing demand. The library is neither enriched with essential and modern books nor is it equipped with necessary things. In the library, there are only few books compared to our demand. It lacks many modern books such as popular story and novel by the modern writers, biography, Poetry books, translations, World Diary, reference book like different dictionaries and encyclopedia, religious book etc. More than one copy of each book should be preserved so that we can borrow them when needed.

Moreover, only two Bengali dailies are supplied. We also need a literary journal and an English daily. Though there is enough space in the library, there are only two reading tables which can accommodate at best twenty students. If two more reading tables with two ceiling fans are added, students will be greatly benefited.

We, therefore, fervently request you to take urgent steps to provide us the facilities stated above and thus solve a long-standing problem.

Sincerely yours
On behalf of the students of Shiddessari (Degree) College

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