Application to the Principal for increasing laboratory facilities

Write an application to the Principal for increasing facilities in the college laboratory


Suggested answer:

January, 2014
The Principal,
Dhaka Model Degree College,
Kafrul, Dhaka.

Subject: Prayer for increasing facilities in the science laboratory.


I, on behalf of the students of science group of your college, most humbly beg to draw your attention to the fact that our science laboratory is burdened with many problems. As a result, we face difficulty in running experiments or attending any practical classes. Many of the essential tools and equipment have gone out of order. We have only two microscopes and all other apparatus like cylinder, flask, prism, magnifying glass, funnels, beakers and balances that we have are very insufficient to meet up our increasing demand.

Moreover, acid, gases and liquid chemicals are always in crisis which are to be supplied on regular basis. The laboratory needs to be replaced to a more spacious room as it cannot accommodate all the students of a science section.

So, we earnestly request you to provide us with necessary and sufficient tools, equipment and chemicals for the laboratory so that we can continue practical classes without any hindrance.

Obediently yours
Class: xi, Group: Science, Sec: B, Roll: 02
On behalf of the students of Dhaka Model Degree College

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