Application to Principal for permission to go on a study tour.

Write an application to the Principal of your college asking for permission to go on a study tour. (To Mainamati and Shalban Bihara)


Suggested answer:

25 November, 2014
The Principal,
Narayangonj Commerce College,

Subject: Prayer for permission to go on a study tour/excursion.


I, On behalf of the students of your college, most humbly beg to state that We are keenly interested to go on a study tour as part of our annual excursion. We have already discussed with our General Science teacher Abdul and selected Mainamati and Shalban Bihara at Comilla as our tour spot on a one-day tour. The places have a great historical importance and we can learn many things about the ancient Buddhist civilization seeing with our own eyes from here. Besides acquiring knowledge, this tour will certainly help us to get refreshed as preparation for the new year. Noted that we are willing to bear all of our expenses. We expect that you grant the money for renting the bus.
I, therefore, pray that you would be gracious enough to give us permission and help us in all respect to make the tour successful.

Obediently yours
Class: xii, Group: Humanities, Roll: 21
On behalf of the students of Narayangonj Commerce College

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