Application to Principal for organizing cultural function

Write an application to the Principal for holding/organizing a cultural function in the college auditorium


Suggested answer:

12 December, 2015
The Principal,
New Govt. Degree College,

Subject: Prayer for holding cultural function in the auditorium.

Dear Sir,

We, the students of your college, most humbly beg to state that we are interested to hold a cultural function in the auditorium as part of the celebration of the Victory Day. We think this kind of program will certainly help the new generation know about the glorious and heroic struggle and achievement of our nation during the Liberation War. It will also revive the spirit of our war among general mass as well as the students.

We have already chalked out a plan for the entire program. Our Literature teacher Sujit Kumar has consented to help us in all respects. Now we expect your permission, assistance and mentorship to materialize our plan.

Therefore, we pray and hope that your honor would be kind enough to give us opportunity to make the program successful and thus oblige.

Sincerely yours
Class: XII, Group: Science,
Roll no: 01
On behalf of the students of New Govt. Degree College

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