Application to the Principal for full free studentship

Write an application to the Principal of your college for full free studentship


Suggested answer:

15 September, 2015
The Principal,
Dhaka Mohanagar Mohila College,

Subject: Application for full free studentship

I beg most humbly to state that I am a regular student in class xi in your college. I belong to a poor family. My father is a retired government employee. We have no other dependable source of income. Our five-member family has to keep body and soul together with his small pension money. Besides, I have a brother studying in a university.
In this circumstances, It is quite impossible for my family bear the expenses of my education. This is why, I am badly in need of full free studentship to continue my study. Otherwise, as my family decided, I have to leave my study.

I, therefore, pray that your honor would be gracious enough to consider my case with sympathy and grant me a full free studentship so that I can avoid drop-out and go on with my study as usual.

Obediently yours
Class: xi, Group: Science, Roll: 13

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