Application to Principal for a canteen

Write an application to the Principal for starting a canteen in the college


Suggested answer:

4 July, 2006
The Principal,
Narayangonj College,

Subject: Prayer for setting up a canteen.

We, the students of your college, beg humbly to state that we are facing a great problem for want of a canteen in our college campus. Our classes continue for about four hours. We cannot pass this long period without taking a good tiffin. Most of the students come from distant places and they get quite hungry during class hours. Being compelled, we are to take food from the hawkers and roadside dirty restaurants what is not healthful.
Moreover, girls students don’t feel secured to go outside the campus to take tiffin as eve-teasers are always active here and there around the college.
May we, therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to take necessary step to set up a canteen in our college campus immediately.

Sincerely yours
Class: xii, Group: Science, Roll: 25
On behalf of the students of Narayangonj College

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