Application to Headmaster to play friendly football match

Write an application to the Headmaster seeking permission to play a friendly football match


Suggested answer:

20 April, 2015
The Headmaster,
Narayangonj High School,
Subject: Prayer for permission to play a friendly football match.


We, the students of class ix of your school, most humbly beg to inform you that our school has a reputation for different extra-curricular activities. Especially, we have a well-established football team. As part of our regular arrangement of friendly football match, we have planned to play a friendly football match with class x in our school playground today. We want to enter the field after the third period. Now we seek your permission to play the match.

Contextually, we think this kind of game would be beneficial to every student of the school because this will not only develop our skill in football but also amuse and entertain others.

We, therefore, pray that your honor would be kind enough to give us permission to hold the game and oblige us thereby.

Your most obedient pupil
Class: ix, Sec: B, Roll no: 15
On behalf of the students of Narayangonj High School

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