Application to Headmaster seeking admission on TC

Write an application to the Headmaster asking for admission on transfer certificate (shortened)


Suggested answer:

02 April, 2014
The Headmaster,
Khilgaon High School,
Khilgaon, Dhaka.

Subject: Prayer for admission on transfer certificate.


I beg most humbly to state that I was a regular student of class ix in Sandwip Public High School in Chittagong. My father is a government service holder. Due to his sudden transfer to Dhaka, it has become essential to change my school as my family has already shifted in this area near Khilgaon Bazar alongside this school. Now, as my family decided, I like to get myself admitted in your renowned school. Noted that my transfer certificate of my previous school has been attached herewith.

In this situation, I request that you grant my admission in this school so that I cannot continue my session without any interruption.

Sincerely yours

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