Application to Headmaster for special coaching class

Write an application to the Headmaster of your school for arranging special coaching class


Suggested answer:

12 August, 2007

The Headmaster,
Kamar Ali High School,
Fatullah, Narayangonj.

Subject: Prayer for arranging special coaching class.


We, the students of class (VIII) of your school, beg humbly to draw your attention to the fact that we scored the highest 70% marks in English in the last Half Yearly examination. This means that we are still weak in English.

Our J.S.C examination is just ahead. If we cannot overcome this weakness within the remaining time, we are sure to fail to make a brilliant result as well as get any scholarship this year. In this situation, we request you to arrange special coaching class for this subject.

We, therefore, pray and hope that you would kindly take necessary steps to arrange special coaching class in English for us and thus oblige

I remain
Yours obediently
On behalf of the students of class (viii) of Kamar Ali High School.

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