Application to Headmaster for setting up library

Write an application to the Headmaster of your school for setting up a library in the school campus


Suggested answer:

23 July, 2015
The Headmaster,
Islampur High School,
Subject: Prayer for setting up a library


We, the students of your school, beg most humbly to draw your kind attention to the fact that ours is a renowned and traditional school in the district. We have ample scope for extra-curricular activities. But it is a matter of sorrow that there is no library in our school. A library is the store-house of knowledge. It is also part and parcel of a school. We are always bounden to our text books and syllabus and hardly find any scope to read out-of-text books. We think school library is the best place and student life is the best period to form the habit of reading books.

But in want of a library, we are deprived of this opportunity. If we had a library, we would be able to prepare our lessons, read extra books in the library and could borrow books to study at home as well. It would be a center of our recreation too. So, setting up a library in the school is our earnest demand.

We, therefore, pray that your honor would be kind enough to take effective steps to set up a library with a rich collection of books as soon as possible.

I remain
Yours obediently
On behalf of The students of Islampur High School

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