Application to Headmaster for setting up debating club

Write an application to the Headmaster for setting up a debating club in your school (shortened)


Suggested answer:

05 March, 2014
The Headmaster,
Mymensingh Zilla School,
Subject: Prayer for setting up a debating club.


We, the students of your school, beg to inform you that we badly feel the necessity of setting up a debating club in our school. There are many promising and talented students in the school who are good orators and are interested to develop their skill in this field. But in want of a debating club we cannot practice and participate in any debating competition. As a result, we do not get any scope to flourish our hidden talent

We, therefore, pray that you would be gracious enough to consider our problem with sympathy and set up a debating club here.

We remain
Your most obediently
Reazul Alam
Class: x, Sec: A, Roll: 01
On behalf of the students of Mymensingh Zilla School

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