Application to Headmaster for increasing laboratory facilities

Write an application to the Headmaster for increasing facilities in the laboratory


Suggested answer:

February 21, 2015
The Headmaster,
Mohammadpur Girls’ High School,
Mohammadpur, Dhaka.

Subject: Prayer for increasing facilities in the laboratory.


We, the students of science group of your school, most humbly beg to state that we face different problems working in the school laboratory. Though our laboratory is an old one, it is not well-equipped. There are five microscopes but all are out of order except one. There are no sufficient chemicals, test tubes, funnels and beakers that we can run our experiment without hindrance.

Besides, we need more prism, slide calipers and balance for experiment in Physics. Furthermore, it lacks many modern equipment. So, it is our earnest demand to upgrade our school laboratory by providing more apparatus.

Therefore, we heartily request you to take necessary steps to supply us with necessary and sufficient tools, equipment and necessary things for the laboratory to pave our way to learning practical science.

I remain
Yours obediently
Class: ix, Sec: B, Roll: 01
On behalf of the students of Mohammadpur Girls’ High School

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