Application to Headmaster for increasing laboratory facilities

Write an application to the Headmaster for increasing facilities in the school laboratory (shortened)


Suggested answer:

March 25, 2014
The Headmaster,
Chittagong Steel Mills High School,
Patenga, Chittagong.
Subject: Prayer for increasing laboratory facilities.


We, the students of science group of your school, most respectfully beg to draw your attention to the fact that our school laboratory is not well-equipped. It lacks many modern equipment. We have only one microscope which cannot meet up our demand. Besides, we need more funnels, beakers, slide calipers, screw gauzes and balances on an urgent basis.

Moreover, different acid, gases and other liquid chemicals which are very essential for every day use have run short for about a year.

Therefore, we fervently request you to supply us with necessary and sufficient tools, equipment and chemicals for the laboratory so that we can continue learning practical science without any interruption.

I remain
Obediently yours
Class: x, Sec: A, Roll: 03
On behalf of the students of Chittagong Steel Mills High School

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