Application to Headmaster for computer club

Write an application to the Headmaster  for a computer club.


Suggested answer:

19 February, 2008
The Headmaster,
Narayangonj High School,

Subject: Prayer for a computer club.

We, the students of your school beg humbly to draw your attention to the fact that ours is a renowned school in the district but we have no computer club in the school. Many of us are interested in learning computer. Besides, there are many students who have taken up computer as their fourth subject and want to build up career in IT sector in future. But we cannot practice computer in want of a computer club. Moreover, it is the age of computer and there is no alternative to earning computer literacy to keep pace with the modern world.

May we, therefore, pray and hope that you would take immediate step to set up a computer club in our school and thus pave the way to our computer education.

I remain
Yours most obediently
Class: x, Sec: A, Roll: 03
On behalf of the students of Narayangonj High School

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