Application to Headmaster for common room facilities

Write an application to the Headmaster for increasing common room facilities (Shortened)


Suggested answer:

30 September, 2008
The Headmaster,
Araihazar Pilot High School,
Araihazar, Narayangonj.

Subject: Prayer for increasing common room facilities.

We, the students of your school, beg to draw your kind attention to the fact that we have a big common room in our school and we get many facilities from it. But it lacks many modern facilities. We have no table-tennis court which is an excellent indoor game. There is also no TV set in the common room for our entertainment. Besides, we need two more ceiling fans and regular supply of an English daily.

May we, therefore, pray and hope that you would take immediate step to provide us with the facilities and thus oblige.

I remain
Your most obedient pupil
Class: x, Sec: A, Roll: 02
On behalf of the students of Araihazar Pilot High School

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