Application to Headmaster for arranging special coaching

Write an application to the Headmaster of your school for arranging special coaching for English, Math and Science


Suggested answer:

18 August, 2015
The Headmaster,
Jatrabari Ideal High School,
Subject: Prayer for arranging special coaching class.


We, the students of class x of your school, most humbly beg to state that our classes were greatly hampered due to ‘hartal’ and political unrest from the very beginning of this year. The classes were suspended at least for twenty days during the previous months. Now our board Test Examination is ahead though the syllabus has not yet been completed. So, It is very essential to arrange special coaching class for our class.

In this situation, we like that special classes will be held, specially, on the three difficult subjects-English Math and Science. This can solve our problems to a great extent.

I, therefore, fervently request that your honor would be kind enough to take immediate steps to solve our problems and oblige thereby.

I remain
Sincerely yours
Class: x, Sec: A, Roll: 02
On behalf of the students of class x of Jatrabari Ideal High School

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