Application to Headmaster asking for re-admission

Write an application to the Headmaster of your school asking for re-admission


Suggested answer:

28 June, 2015
The Headmaster,
Armanitola Govt. High School,
Subject: Prayer for re- admission.


With due respect, I like to inform you that my father is a small businessman. During the last summer vacation, I, with my family, went to visit my country home. But for unavoidable family problem, we could not return in time. As a result, I could not attend the school for more than a month. This is why my name has been stuck off the rolls due to long absence. Now, I am in a position to attend my classes regularly. So, I seek readmission to continue my study again in this school.


Noted that I had always been regular in attending classes and I was present in 90% of the total working days during the previous months.


I, therefore, pray and hope that you would be gracious enough to give me permission of re-admission in your school and thus oblige.

I remain
Your most obediently
Class: ix, Sec: B, Roll: 05

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