Application to D.C. to set up charitable dispensary

Write an application to the D.C. of your district to set up a charitable dispensary


Suggested answer:

25 August, 2008
The Deputy Commissioner,
Subject: Prayer for a charitable dispensary.


With due respect I, on behalf of the people of Aganagar in Banchharampur thana under your district, beg to draw your attention to the fact that we are in acute need of a charitable dispensary in our area. Noted that Aganagar is the least-developed village in the district. Most of the people here are poor and illiterate. They live by fishing and some of them are marginal farmers. sorrows, sufferings and want are their constant company. As they live from hand to mouth, they cannot think of proper treatment in their ailment. As a result many people die of commonplace diseases every year without any care and treatment. So, it is very essential to open a charitable dispensary here to save their lives from premature death.

I, therefore, earnestly request you to take immediate steps to open a charitable dispensary in this locality.

Yours Sincerely
Amzad Hossain
on behalf of the people of Aganagar

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