Application to DC to construct bridge

Write an application to the DC of your district to construct a bridge in your locality


Suggested answer:

02 March, 2014
The Deputy Commissioner,
Subject: Prayer for construction of a bridge.

Dear Sir,
We, the inhabitants of the village Ganganagar in Baktabali union under your district, bring to your kind notice the fact that there is a big canal flowing from the river Buriganga along our village. But there is no bridge over the canal. Thousands of people narrowly cross the canal over a bamboo bridge to communicate to Narayangonj town on the other side of the Buriganga to go to offices, school, college, university or their workplaces. But it is a matter of great regret that no measure has been taken so far by any authority to construct a bridge here. As a result, all kinds of people of this village and alongside villages have to suffer terribly for communication.

I, therefore, fervently request you to take necessary measures to construct a bridge over the canal considering the importance of the area.

Sincerely yours
Anwar Hossain
On behalf of the people of Ganganagar

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