Application to DC for relief goods for the flood affected

Write an application to DC of your district for relief goods and medical aids for the flood affected people


Suggested answer:

26th July, 2007,
The Deputy Commissioner,
Subject: Prayer for relief goods and medical aids for the flood affected people.


We, the inhabitants of Char Dighaldi union under Sadar Upazila of your district, beg to draw your kind attention to the fact that recent flood has flooded and damaged the whole union. All of the people have wholly or partly been tortured by this ruinous flood. All the roads and embankments have also gone under water. People have taken shelter on bamboo platforms or boats unfed or half-fed. Many people are leading subhuman life under open sky. In want of pure drinking water, water-borne diseases have spread in an epidemic form. Now, they are in acute need of food, clothes, drinking water, baby food and medicine. An emergency medical team is very necessary for medical care for the critical patients. Noted that no help or relief has yet been sent to the victims from any authority or organization. So, emergency relief goods and medical aids are necessary for the distressed hungry people of this locality.
I, therefore, earnestly request you to take measures on an urgent basis to supply necessary and sufficient relief goods and medial aids for the victims.

Sincerely yours
Zahirul Haque
On behalf of the inhabitants of Char Dighaldi

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