An Honest Woodcutter- Story

An Honest Woodcutter/ An Honest Woodcutter and the Fairy

Once upon a time, there lived a poor woodcutter in a village near a jungle. He used to cut wood from the forest, sold them in the market and thus maintained his family. On day he was cutting wood as usual near a river. Suddenly his axe slipped off his hand and fell down into the river. At this, the woodcutter became very shocked as he did not know how to swim or dive. So he was sitting there with a heavy heart. Then a wonderful thing happened. A beautiful fairy appeared before him. He asked him with a sympathetic voice, “Why are you so sad?” The woodcutter told him everything. Hearing his reply, the fairy took pity on him. She dived into the river and came back with a golden axe. She asked the woodcutter if it was his axe. The woodcutter replied in the negative. Then she again went into the water and returned with a silver axe. This time also the woodcutter refused to take it as it was not his. At last the fairy brought the iron axe of the woodcutter and asked him as before if it was his one. Seeing his own axe, the woodcutter got delighted and took it from the fairy. The fairy became very pleased with the woodcutter for his honesty. She gave away the two other axes to him as reward. Thus the honesty of the woodcutter was rewarded.

Changes of Speech
VII to XII NARRATION and Advanced
শিখে নাও, জয় কর ও উপভোগ কর তোমার কল্পনার মত করে

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