Acid Rain- Paragraph

Acid Rain


When excessive acid comes down in form of rain with ordinary rainwater, it is called acid rain. It generally happens in the over-industrial areas where the air is severely polluted by poisonous gases and damaging chemicals. It is very dangerous to trees, crops, buildings, and even human health. This environmental problem is newer but no less dangerous than other hazards. It contains harmful chemicals from fact gases. Breathing in those chemicals can harm people causing chest illness and other respiratory diseases. It spoils drinking water and water of ditches, ponds, canals where is living, and breeding ground of fishes. Moreover, acid rain fades the color of paints, weakens leather, and washes away building elements. However, acid rain is mainly caused by gases and chemicals mixed in the polluted air from mills, factories, and different vehicles that come out with smoke and waste materials. The problem of acid pollution is worsening day by day. So, it is high time the world took steps to free environment from all pollutions to control acid rain.

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