A Village Fair- Composition

A Village Fair


A village fair is an annual gathering that is held on the occasion of some important days of the year for show as well as for buying and selling of different articles. It is a great source of entertainment for the villagers. It is also a special charm to them.

Usually a village fair is held on the bank of a river or a large pond, under a banyan tree, or in a wide field or market place. It is usually held on the occasion of Eid-day, Durgapuja, or New-year day. The village fair is a festival of joy to the villagers. Children, teenagers, adults, women-all ages of people visit the fair. They gather there to enjoy and buy things they choose. Farmers bring their handicrafts to the fair to sell them. Jatraparties put up their tents for performance. Bioscope shows are also offered at the village fair. The villagers enjoy them what they had been waiting for throughout the year.

Different kinds of articles are bought and sold in the fair. Dolls, fancy goods, sweets, etc. draw the attention of buyers. Attractive wooden and cane furniture are also sold. Children and women making savings throughout the year, spend in the fair.

Special attractions in the village fair are usually arranged for children and women. Various types and colors of sweetmeats and toys, animal-masks, and different animal-models made of sugar are the most alluring things for the children. Women like to buy cosmetics, bangles and other cheaper ornaments. Marry- go-rounds and puppet show are appealing to all kinds of people. Jarigan, Kabigan and various native games also attract people of various ages.

However, the village fair has also some demerits. The anti-socials are always active to commit different kinds of ruinous acts like gambling, charity shows, etc. Vulgar charity shows are also shown secretly. These kinds of immoral acts encourages social crimes.

A village fair is a good source of pleasure which is an essential part of our country-tradition. Our native culture sustains with it.

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