A Thirsty Crow- Story

A Thirsty Crow/Where There is a Will, There is a Way/A Crow and a Jar

It was a summer day. A crow became very thirsty. It began to move here and there in search of drinking water. But it found water nowhere. Yet it didn’t lose heart. At last, it noticed a jar at a little distance and flew to it. But, Alas! There was a little water at the bottom of the jar. The crow tried its best to drink but the water was out of the reach of the crow and, hence, it could not drink. So, it became sad and hopeless.
Suddenly, the crow saw some pebbles nearby. And a good idea crossed through his head. He picked up the pebbles and dropped them into the jar one by one. As a result, the water came up to the brim. The crow then drank water from the jar to its heart’s content and flew away with a happy mind.

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