A Rickshaw puller and a Lottery Ticket- Story

A Rickshaw puller and a Lottery Ticket / A Rickshaw Puller Grew Rich Overnight / Good luck Of a Rickshaw Puller

Abul Kashem, who is a rich businessman, was once a rickshaw puller. He earned his livelihood by pulling rickshaw and lived in a slum with his family with much hardship. But he cherished a dream in the core of heart that one day he would become rich. A RICKSHAW PULLER AND A LOTTTERY TICKET-storySome opposed the king’s decision but he did not pay any heed to their right and wise opposition. One day, he called his daughters in his court and asked each of them how much they loved him.
One day while pulling rickshaw, he saw a hawker selling lottery ticket in a van. He bought a ticket the first prize of which was 30 lakh taka and there were also many other attractive prizes. He was eagerly waiting for the date of lottery-draw to come. The much awaited day came and he went to an alongside hair dresser shop to check the result. But what he saw in the newspaper made him stand dumb. He could not believe his eyes. His number was the first prize winner of the lottery. His joys knew no bounds.
This news spread far and wide. Immediately he met the local UP chairman with the winning ticket. The chairman sincerely managed to get his huge sum of money from the authority with security. Fortune favored Abul Kashem and thus he grew rich overnight. But Abul Kashem neither spent his money lavishly nor wasted it. He invested the money in a poultry farm. In this productive work, he could not only earn a lot of money but employ a number of unemployed youths also. He also donated a part of his earnings to the poor and distressed. Thus he became an affluent man in the locality. His good luck opened the door of others’ luck also.

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