A Liar Shepherd – Story

A Liar Shepherd/Nobody Believes a Liar/A Shepherd and a Wolf

Once there lived a shepherd boy in a certain village. He used to graze a flock of sheep near a forest. It was not far from his village. One day he wanted to make a fun with the villagers. So, he started shouting, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!”
The villagers heard his cry and rushed to save him. But when they came near him, they found no wolf. Rather, the boy laughed at them saying that he was just making fun. So they went away.
After a few days, the shepherd made the same fun. The villagers again ran to him but found no wolf and the boy again laughed at them. The villagers got very angry and went back away.
But one day a wolf really fell upon the flock of sheep and began to kill them. The shepherd became very afraid and started to cry, “Wolf! Wolf! Help! Help!” But no villagers came to save him though they heard his cry. They thought it to be another fun. The wolf killed a number of sheep and then killed the shepherd boy. The boy had to lose his life for making fun by telling lie.

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