A Journey by Train- Composition

A Journey by Train


A journey by train is always pleasant. But I think a journey by train is interesting and enjoyable as well as educative. During the last summer vacation, I made a journey from Dhaka to Sylhet with my maternal uncle. We went there sight-seeing and to visit the Mazars in Sylhet.

We reached Kamalapur Railway Station at about 11:30 a.m. We bought our tickets standing in a long queue for ‘Joyontica’ intercity train. The station was overcrowded and there was din and bustle everywhere. At 12:30 we took our seat in a compartment. I sat beside the window. At 12:40 the guard blew his whistle and waved the flag. And the train started to move. At first it was running slowly but gradually reached full speed.

Time passed by and inside the train passengers started discussing among themselves on various current affairs. Hawkers were trying to persuade the passengers to sell their things. I looked out of the window. Our train is going on and on passing through villages, corn fields, markets, stations, ponds and rivers jerking with rhythmic sound. All seemed to be running pictures on a vast screen looking like a dreamland. I think it is not possible to take a total look of a vast area of the countryside so excellently without travelling by train.

By this time our train passed through many bridges. Going over the bridges with jingling sound looking at the flowing water of river is really amusing. Suddenly I felt our speed was lowering down. My uncle said that Bhairab station was ahead. When the train stopped at Bhairab station, the picture turned quite different. There was hue and cry of the passengers, porters, beggars and hawkers all around. When the train left Bhairab, we were crossing the famous Bhairab Bridge over the mighty river Meghna. Then spreading our eyes far away, we came across the real scenery of our country—the fishing boats, farmers working in the paddy fields, common people’s life by the side of the river bank and so on.

When the train entered Sylhet region, we enjoyed the wonderful scenery of tea gardens in the hilly region for about two hours. Every now and then we bought banana, bread, jhalmuri, chanachur and what not from the hawkers. At about 6:30, our train reached Sylhet station.We got down from train and thus our journey came to an end.

I think this journey is an invaluable experience in my life. This memory will remain fresh in my mind for a long time.

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