A journey by bus- Composition

A journey by bus


Many people take journey as tiresome and try to avoid. But to me, journey is amusing especially if it is just for travelling and journey by bus. I enjoy journey all through the way as if I were in adventure. I went on long journey by bus many times but a journey from Dhaka to Sylhet delighted me so much that I cannot forget it.

A journey by bus- Composition

Last year, my family decided to visit the Mazar of Hazrat Shahjalal (R) at Sylhet during the annual Ors of this great saint. We intended to go there by a chair coach. On the appointed day, we reached Sayedabad bus terminal and got into the bus at about 10 a.m. Surprisingly, most of the passengers of that bus were devotees of Hazrzt Shahjalal (R) and were bound for Sylhet on the same occasion. However, we got our seats and I took my seat beside window. Our bus started to run after a few minutes.

The bus was running smoothly but sometimes with jerk. But our seats were very comfortable. So jerking did not disturb us; rather, it was carrying us on and on with a rhythmic sound. I, all the time, kept looking outside. There was wonderful scenic beauty of widespread crop fields. There farmers were working; cattle were grazing; some were carrying vegetables on their head or in a cart. Villages with varied trees, fruits and flowers garden, daily life of the simple villagers appeared like a continuous film. Ours was a non-stop bus. So it stopped only at the big stations.

At about 12:30 a.m. we passed Bhairab and were crossing Meghna bridge where scenery on both the sides of the river was another story. Hundreds of engine-boats, launches, steamers and cargoes were plying carrying goods and passengers. Fishermen were busy in throwing their net into the river and pulling out it. About an hour later, we reached tea garden zone. The beauty and charm of the tea gardens fascinated us soothing our eyes. Along our way, devotees were offering ‘Zikir’ in the name of Allah which created a blissful environment inside.

After about five hours untiring happy journey, we reached Sylhet town at afternoon. Thus our journey came to an end. Time is passing by. I also made many other journeys in different times but this journey is still fresh and will remain vivid in my mind.

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