A Journey by Boat/A River Journey- Composition

A Journey by Boat/A River Journey


I am by nature a journey lover and traveling is my favorite pastime. But my journeys are always by train or bus. I neither thought of going on a long journey by boat nor did I have ample scope to take it. However last week I happened to meet with my friend Niloy. By the by, he requested me to go with him to visit his sister’s house at Gazaria, Munshigonj by boat to see her new born baby. Thus I had a great chance to enjoy a journey by boat.

A Journey By Boar  composition focus-composition

We started our journey from Narayangonj terminal. First we hired a middling boat with shed. We got into the boat at about 10 a.m. with necessary things. We were five in number. Two boatmen started to run boat by rowing. Our boat was moving slowly through the river Shitalakhya. Numerous boats, launches, cargo, ship and engine boats were coming and going from and to both directions. After about an hour, we fell into river Meghna. In a few minutes, gentle cool breeze touched our body and mind. It seemed that we had now actually entered the river surpassing the din and bustle of the town. Now our boatmen did not need to row with efforts. They had already set sail and the boat was running with rhythmic sound. Now all around us was water and water. Villages were far away. Oh, I neither experienced such a vastness nor came in so closer to nature.

Fishermen were catching fishes here and there with net and various fishing traps. Near the bank, there were paddy fields spreading so far. Suddenly we saw that two long racing boats were coming towards us running. When they were crossing us my joy knew no bound. This is the first time ever I have seen boat race in my life.

During Zuhr Azan, we reached near a village and nearby was a bazaar. We stopped our boat at the bazaar ghat. At the left we saw an excellent thing. A row of boats of same size was bound at the ghat with living environment inside. Our boatmen informed us that those were Bedhey Boats. In one boat was a school for the children. I heard about the Bedhey but never experienced such a way. However, here we bought some foods and necessary things from the bazaar and started our journey again. From there it took one hour more to reach our destination. In the meantime, we enjoyed the lifestyle of village people by the two river-banks, movement of different aquatic birds, rows of trees, fruit gardens and, above all, an enchanting pure sky over our head.

At about 4 p.m our boat reached the ghat where was our destination. Thus our journey came to an end.

I visited many places throughout the country but this boat journey is a rare experience in my life. I think this journey will not only enrich my knowledge but also broaden my mind.

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