A Grocer and A Fruit Seller- Story

A Grocer and A Fruit Seller / A Fruit Seller Taking Revenge upon A Grocer

One day a grocer borrowed a balance and weights from a fruit seller. After a few days the fruit seller asked the grocer to return his balance and weights to him. In reply the fruit seller told that the mice had eaten up his balance and weights. The lame excuse of the grocer made him surprised and angry. But saying nothing he went away controlling his temper. Story of A Grocer and A Fruit Seller=story
However, he hit upon a plan to teach the grocer a good lesson. Some days passed by. The fruit seller attempted to go to a nearby town to do some shopping. He requested the grocer to allow his son to go with him. The grocer did not disagree. The next day the fruit seller returned alone form the town. When the grocer asked him about his son, the reply from him (FS) was that a crow had carried his son away. At this, the grocer grew very angry and called him a liar. His question was how a crow could carry a boy away. The fruit seller instantly replied that it carried his son away in the same way as mice could eat into his balance and weights.
Now the grocer could easily understand what the man meant to say. He felt ashamed and returned the balance and weights to him. The fruit seller also gave the boy back to his father.

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