A Greedy Dog- Story

A Greedy Dog/Grasp All, Lose All

One day a dog stole a piece of meat from a shop. It started running with the piece of meat in mouth. On his way, there was a narrow stream and a bamboo bridge was across it. As he was crossing the bridge, he happened to look down into the water. He wondered he saw another dog with another piece of meat in the water.
Actually it was his own shadow reflected in the transparent water of the stream. Seeing this, he got tempted to have the meat. He started thinking how to snatch away the piece of meat. Thinking this, he barked at the image. Instantly his own piece of meat fell into the water from his mouth. He at once jumped into the water following his dropping meat. But alas! It was then out of his reach. However, he somehow swam to a bank of the stream. But he lost his own piece of meat craving for another.

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