A Cunning Fox and a Foolish Crow- Story

A Cunning Fox and a Foolish Crow/The Foolish Crow and the Clever Fox

One day a crow stole a piece of meat from a butcher’s shop. He started to fly away with it and sat on the branch of a tree. At that time a fox was passing under that tree. The fox saw the crow sitting on the tree with the piece of meat in the beak. Seeing this, he became greedy and hit upon a plan to have it.
He began to praise the crow saying, “Oh crow! You look so beautiful. I think you also can sing nicely. Would you please sing a song for me?” Hearing the flattering words, the crow felt proud of her voice and finally he began to sing a song. But no sooner had he opened his mouth than the piece of meat fell off on the ground. Picking it up, the clever fox ran away smiling.

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